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The Costa’s law office was born in 1994 as the answer to the  require of private people, families and companies who are seeking for legal advices.

The Costa’s law office bet comes from the profitable dialogue with the client, from the listening of all the specificites of each situation from which the needs of every case comes up.The client of Costa’s law office knows for certain that the lawyer Elisabetta Costa and her team are constantly updated thanks to the most developed intellectual instruments that they use.

The study is always very careful and the reading of every dossier is done in team and approved by the client itself.

In legal advice, contracts are drawn up considering the risk and the development of the relationship with the client.

The Costa’s law office appears in the list of several consulates of Milan, as a law office in which English, French and German are usually spoken in order to satisfy the need of foreign citizens.

Besides, the law office is real accredited with a number of banks, with several no profit social organizations and with various international companies.


As a journalist, I’m working with the italian newspaper La Prealpina since 1998, publishing in subjects like law and international right, italian and international politics, notes on books and on art events.

From 1997 I’m working with the publishing house Spirali, writing poems, short novels and notes of ciphermatics on its reviews.

In June 2007 I published with Giuffrè the book on traffic law “Le prove liberatorie nella responsabilità da circolazione di veicoli”.