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Elisabetta Costa is president of the European Association of Brainworkers Onlus.

The aim of the association is to achieve a general status of solidarity in Italy, in Europe and in other countries too.

Besides, in order to become a partner for young people, families and companies, the association is engaged in holding some meetings and formation courses for Brainworkers.

The main activities of the European Associations of Brainworkers Onlus are the following:

· It creates statues and schemes for health, that it means also issuing some dispensaries in order to suggest  how to manage social problems and uneases.

· For the companies, it offers some new commercial and financial strategies, besides the possibility of managing and coordinating business reorganization.

· For the institutions, the Brainworker succeeds in improving the communication regarding the project and the program of several administrations.

· For the professional men, the Brainworker becomes a device for optimising relationships among the members, the collaborators and the customers.

This activity also works in the field of the formation of the management, enterprise directors and professional men in order to set up intellectual schemes in each area.

Starting from the primary listening (neither interested nor uncaring), the Brainworker aims to introduce some specific ways for every circumstances becoming the sole case that means the quality case.