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Corte Arbitrale Europea
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European Arbitration Court


Arbitration is commonly known as a modern and efficient means of resolution for the most kind of disputes.
In the last years, the legislator has given to arbitration more and more space as the last company law reform makes it clear.
The European Court of Arbitration, founded 40 years ago and sponsored by the European Council, has several advanced regulations in the topic of the conciliation and intermediation procedures, and of the pre arbitral refree. The arbitral procedure of the European Court enables to pronounce decisions within 9 months, by one arbitrator, with a huge saving of money (charges become much lower than an arbitration settled by three arbitrators) and of time (it monitors so that the procedures will be solved within one year at the latest).

Further significant benefits:

  • The parties have the right to choose the arbitrator with the Court help; 
  • Task of the arbitrator is to create a constructive dialogue with the parties;
  • Free choice of the witnesses.

Elisabetta Costa’s tasks are:

  • Italian Commission General Secretary;
  • Milan Section Secretary;                                                      
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Commission of the European Arbitral Court whose seat is in Strasbourg;                                        
  • Councillor of the International Chamber of the Region Lombardy.